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About Us

Chances are if you’ve ever been to a concert, your first concert, you remember everything about it. From where you bought the tickets to who you went with to who you saw.

You may even remember how excited you felt waiting in line to get into the venue and the feeling you felt when you heard your favorite band belt out that first note or play that first guitar riff.

And it doesn’t just end with music either, you probably have the same feelings and memories about your first theatrical event and/or sports event as well.

The King Of Tickets knows just how you feel, which is why we created this website, dedicated to all of you music, sports, and theater lovers out there.

Live events have a way of capturing unique stories and amazing memories that will last a lifetime!

Our Purpose

At the King Of Tickets we know that the experience of a live event starts even before you step foot into the venue.

It starts with knowing about the event, trying to figure out if you can go to it, seeing who would want to go with you, where you might want to sit and of course buying the actual tickets!

All of these aspects are what can make or break your experience of the event.

In many cases you might see a concert, theatrical event or even a sports event that you really want to go to, you’ve got everything planned out, and then you go to buy the tickets and are bummed because they have been sold out or they are too expensive.

Well, that's where The King Of Tickets comes into play. We offer an easy, convenient and valuable way to get your tickets to the live events you want and find the seats you really desire.

On a continual basis we update the site so that you, the consumer, can have as many options available in terms of tickets available as well as amazing seating options.

In conjunction with the prices we offer, the convenience, and the variety, The King Of Tickets is the ultimate site to visit for all of your ticketing needs – and you can visit, browse and purchase as much as you want.

The King Of Tickets has no subscription fees, you just come to the website, browse the section you want, buy your tickets and have them sent directly to you. Doesn’t get much simpler than that!

The King Of Tickets Guarantee

We at the King Of Tickets, know that when you purchase anything online, even tickets for events, that it takes a certain sense of trust, from us to you.

Getting ripped off is something that no one wants to be involved in. We want you to know that our website is specifically designed to not only be the quickest way to buy tickets, but also the safest.

Not only do we not share your information with third party companies, but all of the information placed on the website when you purchase your tickets is 100% safe.

Many of the other websites out there that sell tickets online don't get involved with the "after the fact" situations once you buy the ticket.

But, at The King Of Tickets we make sure that every process and every step along the way is stress free and helpful for you the ticket buyer.

This allows you to purchase the tickets you really want, and it allows us to protect and help our customers along the way – from start to finish.

Our Commitment To You

At the King Of Tickets, we want what most businesses want – we want your visit and your purchase to be satisfactory.

Anytime you ever need help with something, or you have a question about how to traverse the website, how to purchase tickets, or even shows suggestions, simply contact our customer service representatives and they will help you with anything you need help with.

Our customer service is responsive – usually you will hear back within 24 hours, and they have the knowledge and expertise to help you, without giving you the run around.

When you have a business like this online, you need to be proficient, efficient, and professional. Our customer service reps offer all this and so much more in hopes that you become a loyal ticket purchaser, but also in hopes that you the ticket buyer has the BEST experience possible when it comes to this website.

We, essentially, want to be the be all to end all when it comes to buying any of your tickets online or offline, we want you to have amazing experiences, create memories, and we want you to look forward to the next upcoming live event of your choice!

Founder & CEO:
Bradley Penn
The King Of Tickets LLC
Founded in October 2014