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Buyer Protection

We designed our 100% Money Back Guarantee to give you full confidence, protection, and security when dealing with The King Of Tickets.


Ultimate Customer Care Service


We at The King Of Tickets believe that you deserve more than the tickets you ordered from us. Though the ticket you bought is important; we believe you deserve loyal and helpful assistance from the very beginning. Hence, we are proud to be a full service provider with our industry – leading Customer Service Team established here in the US. You can contact us through phone or online during our extended business hours.


Most of our competitors will just take your ticket order and pass it to the appropriate body who will process your order and rectify any issues you may have. They don’t include full customer support like us. That’s why we are different from them. We keep your information confidential, and we are always ready to help you with your order. We give you the full assurance that you are going to enjoy your events and never have any worry about your tickets.


Save and Secured Transaction


We believe that our customers’ private and personal information should be kept confidential. In our industry, we give you 100% guarantee for safe and secured transactions because we use the best industry standards on privacy and security to process our customers’ transactions.


We do not and will never share your credit card information with broker or ticket sellers. Instead, we acquire the ticket on your behalf, pay the ticket seller, and handle any problem that may emerge during the processing. We are only concerned for your satisfaction and for this reason, we are distinguished from our competitors. Please check our website to learn more about our privacy and security practices.


Express Delivery Available


Overtime, we have observed that our customers normally purchase their tickets at the last minute, in other cities and sometimes when the event is about to start or after the event has started. In most cases, it requires skillful coordination and communication to deliver tickets to you. However, we assure you that your ticket will be delivered to you on time and before the event. Otherwise, we will refund your money – though we rarely deliver late.


Above all other couriers, we usually send tickets via secured courier FedEx. However, when things goes off plan, we make use of our Special Delivery Service in such cases to handle the delivery.


Validated and Authenticated Tickets


Ever since we have started this service, it is part of our mission to eliminate the fear of purchasing tickets online. The King of Tickets have a strong and cordial relationship with many licensed, professional, and certified tickets resellers in the industry. We have scrutinized each of these sellers based on their business practices, track record, and reliability. Hence, we assure you that your ticket will be a valid and authentic one; otherwise, we will return your money.


Accurate Order Processing


We closely work with our ticket resellers to ensure that the ticket you received is either identical, comparable or preferable to the ones you ordered; otherwise we will refund you as soon as possible.


Refund for a Cancelled Event Guaranteed


If your event is cancelled, and there is no likelihood of holding the event soon, it is your legal right to have your full money back including your delivery charges. For events that are likely to hold again, we will help you handle the problem of requesting for another ticket. If the new event date is longer than you desired, we can help you sell your tickets and give you the cash. We are concerned about your satisfaction and your satisfaction only.


The King of Tickets has a proven track record of providing outstanding customer support service, and we are dedicated to pleasing our customers. In some occasions where you encounter the problems discussed earlier with your order, we promise to use our effort to work on your behalf to ensure that the problem is resolved before the event time, or if need be, we refund your full order amount as we have written in our Sales Terms and Conditions. Our primary goal is to provide you the tickets you want for your important events, and we will be honored to help you through the process.